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Chun Wang is a photographer based in Great Toronto Area. He enjoyed street shooting for many years, and as early as 2002 he started taking street photograph with different 35mm cameras on B&W film. He loves and is very good at developing the B&W film. He once spent lots of time doing reverse processing of B&W film, and some of those B&W slides has a great tone. Since he moved to Canada, he seldom had chance to walk on the street and he commutes by car everyday. Even he still keeps the habit of bringing a camera with him all the time, there was nearly no chance for him to take it out of the bag. Eventually he quit 35mm format in 2012, and put his focus on medium format. He tried to slow down and shoot some serious works. Once he started thinking seriously, he found it very important to get a large format camera which can swing, shift, tilt and etc. to get a "correct" composition and comfortable perspective. Then he started large format photography, and regularly he takes photos with his 4x5 camera, a very compact and lightweight "Chamonix 045n-2" with a Nikkor 135mm F/5.6 and two wood film holders. He always likes to shoot the staff around him, and from very early years in his photo shooting he noticed that travel shooting was always too rush to involve some serious consideration. After seeing Stephen Shore's master piece "Uncommon Places" many years ago, he was deeply fascinated by Shore's "conscious decision" and suddenly understood what he should shoot. Until now "Uncommon Places" is still the most important and favorite photo works for him.